SDG6, clean water and sanitation

Ensure availability
and sustainable management
of water and sanitation
for all


How remittance families contribute to the goal

  • To create social capital and pool funds to address local needs, migrants and/or their families often organize themselves into neighborhood organizations in their communities or through hometown associations (HTAs) abroad.
  • HTAs identify development priorities and participate in their achievement though technical advice and fund- raising activities.
  • Community projects take into account sustainability concerns and community welfare based on primary needs (e.g. the provision of irrigation and clean water infrastructure).


Recommended actions

  • Support social capital with migrant groups that facilitate pooling of funds to sustain investment in water and sanitation infrastructure in their places of origin.
  • Promote partnerships between local authorities and migrant groups  and/ or HTAs towards identifying water and sanitation priorities, and join design and fund-raising efforts for project implementation.
  • Create incentives for remittance families to invest in sustainable agricultural irrigation infrastructure that efficiently manages water resources.