SDG3, good health and well-being

Ensure healthy lives
and promote well-being
at all ages



How remittance families contribute to the goal

  • Remittances invested in health care – access to medicine, preventive care and health insurance products – improve the health and well-being of recipient families.
  • Infants born into remittance families have a higher birthweight and are less likely to die during their first year.


Recommended actions

  • Develop incentives for enhanced health insurance products and improved channels of distribution customized to the needs of remittance families, including the possibility for migrant workers to directly pay premiums for their families.
  • Facilitate the portability of pension rights for migrant workers to their countries of origin.
  • Further mainstream psychosocial support into financial education programmes for migrants and families during pre-departure and post-migration, to help alleviate the negative effects of family separation.