Take urgent action
to combat climate
change and its impacts



How remittance families contribute to the goal

  • Migration is increasingly becoming a consequence of climate change.
    Remittances and diaspora investment play a crucial role in mitigating its negative impacts and helping cope with income shortages due to weather-related shocks.

  • Remittances enable the  adoption of more sustainable crops and non- farm activities. Examples include: support to local enterprises to provide solutions for flood control, more efficient use of water, improved irrigation systems, storm/heat/wind- resilient building materials, among others.


Recommended actions

  • Support local financial institutions’ development and provision of remittance-related, weather-based insurance products to migrant families in rural areas.

  • Encourage investment from migrant groups in local enterprises offering products and services designed to better manage exposure to climate- related risks, such as drought and water shortages, floods and storm surge, heat waves, cyclonic winds, shifting precipitation patterns, wildfires and invasive pests, among others.