SDG12, responsible consumption and production

Ensure sustainable consumption
and production patterns




How remittance families contribute to the goal

  • As remittance families increase their purchase capacity and change their consumption patterns, they can do so by meeting individual needs and aspirations within the ecological limits of the planet.

  • Migrant households are regular and heavy consumers of nostalgic goods (home country products).

  • Trade of nostalgic goods and diaspora tourism imply significant revenue for countries of origin. Diaspora populations can act as  a bridge to broader markets of nostalgic goods and local tourism.


Recommended actions

  • Develop awareness-raising programmes in remittance-receiving communities on the suitability of adopting environmentally-friendly consumption patterns and prioritizing productive investment over luxury spending.
  • Promote the investment of remittances in family and community projects of sustainable and agro- tourism which, in addition to creating decent jobs, would foster local culture, handicrafts, agro-biodiversity and gastronomy.