Kondiaronk SCLL

Type of action/project/initiative
Action Programme, Campaign, Guide/Booklet, Research/Toolkits, Training
Areas addressed
Cost reduction, Digitalization, Financial inclusion, Formalization
The Kondiaronk cooperative in Barcelona Spain offers the DIGNA REMITTANCE with its European and Colombian strategic allies to 2 million Colombian migrants in Europe with lower commissions and financial inclusion, who sent 10,202 million US$ to Colombia in 2023 to help their families achieve the SDGs, alleviate poverty and promote rural economic growth.
We offer Colombian migrants savings and financing options for productive projects both at the origin and destination of the remittance. $60,000 US$.
Target area
Worthy remittance with lower costs and commissions, financial inclusion, solidarity savings and productive projects
Date and duration
1/01/24 al 31/12/24
Budget allocated
60,000 US$