The International Day of Family Remittances gives us an opportunity to help raise awareness of the lifeline that immigrants provide to their family and close friends worldwide.

Millions of immigrants in Qatar and the rest of the world provide key financial support that often helps drive the advancements of their families and the economic development of countries of origin.

The IDFR is very significant to the over 20 million Nigerians living abroad.

Last year alone, with an estimated $25 billion remitted by Nigerians in Diaspora, Nigerian citizens abroad are the country’s biggest export.

The Nigerian in Diaspora Qatar supports the United Nations and the International Fund for Agricultural Development in endorsing the International Day of Family Remittances and in campaigning together across sectors to enhance innovative financial technology, add more efficient and less expensive remittance services, and more access to financial services.

Victor Ikoli – President Nigerian in Diaspora Organisation Qatar

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